Application of handheld laser welding in the field of sheet metal

Laser hazards

01 Radioactivity

Within the allowable range, the harm is not great. If radioactive gas or particles enter the human body as an internal radiation source, it will seriously affect health.
02 High frequency electromagnetic field

When high-frequency arc ignition is used, the intensity of the high-frequency electromagnetic field generated is between 60 and 110V/m, which is several times higher than the reference health standard (20V/m). But because the time is very short, it has little effect on the human body. If the arc is struck frequently, or the high-frequency oscillator is continuously used as an arc stabilizing device during the welding process, the high-frequency electromagnetic field can become one of the harmful factors.
03 Harmful gas

During laser welding, the arc column temperature is high. The intensity of ultraviolet radiation is much greater than that of general arc welding, so a large amount of ozone and oxynitride will be produced during the welding process; especially the concentration of ozone far exceeds the reference health standard. If effective ventilation measures are not taken, these gases will have a great impact on human health and are the most important harmful factors in laser welding.
Safety precautions
01 ventilation device

The laser welding work site must have good ventilation to discharge harmful gases and smoke. In addition to the ventilation of the factory building, several axial flow fans can be installed in places where the welding workload is heavy and the welding machines are concentrated. In addition, local ventilation measures can also be used to extract harmful gases around the arc, such as laser welding purifiers, smoke exhaust welding torches, etc.
02 protective rays

Use cerium tungsten electrode with extremely low radiation dose as much as possible. When processing thoriated tungsten electrodes and cerium tungsten electrodes, sealed or ventilated grinding wheels should be used for grinding. Operators should wear masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment, and wash hands and faces after processing. Store in an aluminum box.
03 Protection against high frequency

In order to prevent and weaken the influence of high-frequency electromagnetic fields, the measures taken are:
● The workpiece is well grounded, and the welding torch cable and ground wire should be shielded with metal braided wires
● Appropriately reduce the frequency
● Try not to use high-frequency oscillators as arc stabilizing devices to reduce the time of high-frequency electric action
Introduction to Security Protection

The safety measures taken in the structure of lasers and laser hand-held welding machines mainly include:
●  Protective cover: used for operators to accept more than the maximum permanent exposure
●  Safety interlock: an automatic device connected with the protective cover to avoid radiation when the protective cover is removed
●  Key switch: turn on the switch light, the laser will emit light
●  Safe optical path: close the optical path where radiation may cause combustion or secondary radiation
Beam  termination: In order to keep the laser beam from exceeding the controlled processing area, the beam termination procedure is used
Personal protective measures

01 protection goggle
The filter of protective glasses produced by Hunghe Laser selects a specific attenuated laser wavelength and passes through as much non-protective visible radiation as possible for reference.
02 protective mask

Mainly used for UV laser source, 1000W fiber laser as an optional device.
03 protective gloves

High-energy lasers will cause damage no matter direct or scattered, so it is necessary to wear laser protective gloves.
04 protective suit

The laser protective clothing produced by Honghe Laser is fire-resistant and heat-resistant, which can be used for reference.

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