Metal Die-casting Fabrication

Looking for high-quality metal components that are both accurate and precise? Look no further than our Metal Die-casting fabrication service in MetalHelper! Our factory uses advanced technology and equipment to produce durable, corrosion-resistant metal parts with fine details and tolerances,including aluminum die casting,zinc die casting,brass castings,etc. With a team of experienced professionals, we ensure that each component is made to the highest standards of quality and reliability. Whether you need custom parts for industrial machinery or consumer products, our Metal Die-casting fabrication service can provide you with the perfect solution. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you meet your manufacturing needs!

  • We can do service of die-casting,CNC lathing,polishing,Welding,Electroplating,etc.
  • The material can be carbon steel,stainless steel,aluminum, copper, brass,etc.
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Sell to worldwide, Ship by air plane or by sea boat;
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Welcome to our factory to help you custom Metal Die-casting Products:

We,MetalHelper,are excited to introduce you our service of metal die-casting fabrication.

Our Metal Die-casting Fabrication service offers a high-quality, efficient and cost-effective solution for the production of complex metal parts with intricate shapes and fine details. We utilize advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology to ensure that every product is manufactured to meet our customer’s specific requirements and specifications.

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians have years of experience in die-casting fabrication, making us one of the leading providers of this service in the industry. We work with a wide range of metals, including aluminum, zinc, and brass, to produce parts that are strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant.

At our facility, we use state-of-the-art equipment and machinery to ensure that each product is created with accuracy and precision. Our processes include computer-aided design and simulation software, as well as automated casting machines that allow us to produce large quantities of parts quickly and efficiently.

We take pride in delivering products that meet our customers’ expectations in terms of quality, performance, and delivery. Whether it’s a single prototype or a large-scale production run, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and support throughout the entire process. From initial consultation to final delivery, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations at every step.

Our Metal Die-casting Fabrication service is ideal for a wide range of applications, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and medical devices. With our expertise and resources, we can help you develop and manufacture the perfect metal parts for your project or product.

Our facilities and tools for “Metal Die-casting fabrication”

Our Metal Die-casting fabrication service is supported by state-of-the-art facilities and tools that ensure accurate and precise manufacturing of metal components.

We have a well-equipped factory with modern die-casting machines that use high pressure to inject molten metal into steel molds, resulting in parts with tight tolerances and complex shapes. Our team also has access to advanced computer-aided design (CAD) software that enables us to create 3D models of parts for accurate casting.

We also own machines for finishing services, including CNC machining, polishing, and powder coating, to give your components the exact finish you need.

Die-casting machine:

die-casting machine in MetalHelper

These machines use high pressure to inject molten metal into steel molds to produce precise and accurate metal components.

CNC lathing machine:

CNC lathing machine in MetalHelper

Our CNC machines use advanced software and automation technology to control the movement of cutting tools, allowing us to create precise and intricate shapes with tight tolerances to the die-casting products. We can also program our CNC machines to produce identical parts with consistent quality and accuracy, making them ideal for large-scale production runs.

Polishing Machines:

Our polishing machines work by using abrasive materials and compounds to remove small amounts of material from the surface of the product, resulting in a smooth and shiny finish.

Some Metal Die-casting products we experienced.

some die-casting products we made

some die-casting products we made 02

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  • Please provide drawing and size draft,and also indicate us the quantity you need,and then we can quote;
  • Provide air delivery for small order and sea delivery for bulk order;
  • Please contact us online (click here) Or send inquiry message to our email:

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