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Our Wood Fired Hot Tub Coil Heater Kit – the perfect solution for eco-friendly and 0 cost to soak hot bath at outside.

No electricity or gas power required.This coil kit allows you to effortlessly heat your tub just by burning natural wood, creating a low cost and sustainable way to enjoy warm water bath in nature.

Say goodbye to traditional heating methods and immerse yourself in the soothing and warmth with our convenient and efficient tub coil heater kit by firing wood.

Made of top quality food grade stainless steel seamless tube.Made in China and sell to worldwide.

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Buy “Wood fired hot tub coil kit”:

One coil kit includes parts as below: (Default version in our primary quotation)

1x coil heater (coil diamter 35cm and 8 rings), 25mm tubing;

2x hose to connect tub and coil (long 50cm);

2x tub fittings to be installed on your tub (one fitting has valve).

Wood fired tub coil heater kit with hose and tub fitting

Extra parts–Wood fired holder and Ground support feet as shown below:

extra part--wood fired holder and ground support feet

How to build your own wood fired hot tub by using this heating coil kit?

Drill hole to install connecting fittings and then use hose to connect tub and coil element,finally fire wood in coil.

That`s all,and just wait to enjoy your wam bathing at 0 cost!

Have a hot bath soaking with our “Wood fired hot tub coil kit”

how does wood fired tub coil heater work to heat a tub or swimming pool?

Want to experience the epitome of luxury and sustainability in nature?

Please use our wood fired hot tub coil heater kit which is designed and made for those people who are seeking a harmonious blend of nature and relaxation.

Our Wood Fired Tub Coil Heater Kit offers a natural and efficient method of heating your outdoor tub,revolutionizes the way you enjoy your hot tub in camping or backyard.

By harnessing the power of wood fire, you can indulge in a warm soak without relying on electricity or gas power, reducing your carbon footprint while embracing a serene bathing experience.

Made of high-quality materials-stainless steel seamless tube, and fabricated professional metal tube bending factory,our coil heater kit is built to last, ensuring durability and reliability with each use.

The sleek and efficient design of the coil heater maximizes heat transfer, quickly and effectively raising the temperature of your hot tub water to your desired level.

Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or hosting a gathering with loved ones, our Wood Fired Tub Coil Heater Kit provides a charming ambiance and soothing warmth that is unparalleled.

Embrace the crackling sounds of the fire as you bask in the comfort of your hot tub, knowing that you are making a positive impact on the environment.

Say goodbye to conventional heating methods and embrace a more sustainable approach to relaxation with our Wood Fired Tub Coil Heater Kit.

Elevate your hot tub experience and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with this innovative and eco-friendly heating solution.

How to DIY build your own wood fired hot tub with “Wood fired tub coil heater kit”?

how to DIY build a wood fired hot tub with coil heater

Steps to build a wood fired hot tub by yourself:

Building your own wood-fired hot tub with a coil heater kit is a rewarding DIY project. Here are the general steps you can follow to create an off-grid wood-fired hot tub:

Plan your hot tub: Decide on size, shape, and location of your hot tub. Make sure you have enough space for it and that the ground is level.Or,if you have a spare stock tub,just use it and you can convert it into hot tub immediately.

Build the frame: Construct a sturdy frame for the tub using the wood panel you’ve chosen. Make sure it is well-supported and level.

Install the tub: Place the tub within the frame and make sure it fits securely. Connect any plumbing fittings needed for drainage and water circulation.

Install the Wood fired tub coil heater kit:Use hose provided to connect coil heater and your tub.

Insulate the tub: Use foam boards or other insulating materials to help retain heat in the hot tub.

Fill water into tub: Fill the tub with water, making sure all fittings are secure and there are no leaks.And make sure that the water level is higher about 5cm than the top port.

Start to fire: Build a fire in the coil heater and then the water in tube coil to heat up. Monitor the temperature to ensure it doesn’t get too hot.

Enjoy your hot tub: Once the water reaches your desired temperature, you can relax and soak yourself in hot bathing just by burning wood pieces!

Important Considerations:

Safety: Make sure to follow all safety guidelines when working with fire and water.

Maintenance: Regularly clean and maintain your hot tub to ensure it stays cleaning and in good condition.

Water Quality: Monitor and maintain the water quality to ensure it is safe for use.

Remember, this is a high-level overview, and you should always refer to the specific instructions provided with your tub coil heater kit and hot tub materials for detailed guidance.

solution to take hot bath soaking at outside or in natural wild

How to purchase “Wood fired tub coil heater kit”

1, We have two versions for coil kit: made of 25mm tubing and made of 32mm tubing;For customized size,please contact us.

2, Notice that the price shown above for wood fired hot tub coil heater kit isn`t real price.To get real price,please send enquiry message to us.

3, When you send enquiry message,please indicate us where you locate and how many units you need.

4, Please contact us online Or send inquiry message to our email:

5, You can also go to our parent company- to order more types of heating coils.

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Dimensions50 × 40 × 30 cm

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    Ronald Neil Toohey

    Price for one kit?I live is USA,and I want to build a wood fired hot tub with your coil heater.Thank you.

    May 7, 2024
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    Oleg Podgoretsky

    Could I have it in US here? I need 4units to heat my swimming pool.

    April 28, 2024
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    I want to build my own wood fired hot tub,and I want to buy your coil heater,could you quote to me one piece? I live in Canada.
    Thank you.

    April 24, 2024
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      April 24, 2024

      Hello,our service team already quoted to your private email.Thank you.

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